Kaju Barfi Recipe

Kaju Barfi Recipe

The day of Diwali is not far away and sweets in Diwali have their own fun. Kaju Barfi is very popular during Diwali festival. On the occasion of Diwali, you get to eat cashew barfi in every house. Cashew barfi is also called Kaju Katli in many places. This Diwali can be served to your guests by making cashew barfi very easily at home. You don't have to work very hard to make cashew barfi. 

Explain that to make cashew barfi, you only need milk, sugar and cashew nuts. If you wish, you can also mix cardamom powder in this dessert, this increases the test a little more. And do not forget to do silver work on it before serving. So let us know the easy way to make cashew barfi.

Ingredients for Kaju Barfi

250 grams sugar 

250 grams of cashew nuts 

250 ml milk 

Ghee pot 

Silver Vark

Method to make Cashew or Kaju Barfi

To make cashew barfi, prepare a paste by mixing cashew and milk. After this, when the paste is made, add sugar to it.

Now Simmer the milk, gas mixture of sugar and nuts. Once the sugar dissolves well, boil it once. After this, keep stirring the mixture slowly.

After this, when the mixture leaves the edge of the embroidery like a knotted flour, then take it off the gas. Then take a ghee pot, then drop all the mixture in that pot and keep it cool for a while 

When the mixture cools down, cut the cashew into the shape of an icy and serve the silver vark on top.

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