Biscuit Chocolate Cake Recipe

Biscuit chocolate cake recipe is an eggless and no baking process recipe that is generally preferred by people of all ages. This cake recipe is made using crushed biscuits, butter, sugar, cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Roasted walnuts have been used for garnishing.

Easy to make Biscuit Chocolate Cake Recipe

This dessert cake recipe of chocolate cake is a great option for small parties. Also, families can enjoy it as a tea time treat. This cake recipe is also considered very good for a picnic . Let's take a look at those ingredients with which we can make biscuit chocolate cake recipe.

To make the Biscuit Chocolate Cake Recipe we need:

Low Sweet Biscuits: 400 grams (minced)
Walnuts: 50 grams
Sugar: 100 grams
Cocoa powder: 30 grams
Water: 100 ml liters
Butter: 75 grams
Vanilla Essence: 1/2 teaspoon
Whip Cream: 60 ml
Dark Chocolate: 60 grams

How to Make Biscuit Chocolate Cake Recipe

First break the biscuits into small pieces and put them in a big bowl.

Then dry roast the walnuts in a pan and put them in a biscuit bowl.

Now it is time to prepare chocolate syrup. For this, mix cocoa powder and sugar in a pan.

Add a little water and mix it well by stirring continuously so that a good mixing time is prepared.

Now add butter and keep it hot on medium heat. Cook it till it becomes slightly thick and then take it off the flame and add vanilla essence to it.

Now let it cool down by itself.

Put this chocolate syrup on the biscuit mixture and mix it well.

Put a little butter on all sides in the cake tin, pour this mixture in the tin and press it well with a spoon.

Now keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour to set.

The icing of this cake will be done with chocolate, which will also give it a great look and will give a great taste.

For this, break dark chocolate into small pieces in a bowl.

Then put the whip cream in a pan and heat it so that it starts boiling.

Remove the whip cream from the heat without boiling and put it on the dark chocolate.

 Mix it continuously until it becomes smooth.

Take out the cake tin from the fridge and spread this chocolate mixture over it.

Now keep the cake in the fridge for at least 4 hours to set.

At the time of serving, take it out of the refrigerator and decorate it with dry roasted walnuts and enjoy a wonderful chocolate biscuit cake. 

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