How To Make Coconut Rolls

The Diwali festival is about to begin, and you start making sweets and dishes at home. Usually we bring sweets from the market because of the short time, but because of the corona infection many people are reluctant to buy anything in the market. In that case, arrangements were made to prepare a meal at home.

On Diwali 2020, people welcome guests with a variety of sweets. In some areas there is also a campaign to bring sweets to the neighbors for the joy of the festival. But during Diwali there is a great risk of eating sweets available on the market, in which case you can make coconut rolls at home. Coconut rolls are very tasty. The coconut roll melts as soon as it is put in the mouth. Learn how to make coconut rolls.

Ingredients for Coconut Rolls

1 bowl dry coconut powder

1/2 bowl of powdered milk

Boiled milk as needed

1/2 bowl ground sugar

1/3 teaspoon of cardamom powder

1 pinch red color

How to make Coconut Rolls

To make a coconut roll, first add powdered milk, powdered sugar, cardamom powder to coconut flour and mix well.

Now divide the mixture into equal parts and add the red color and a little milk as needed food in one part, mix well and prepare the dough. Now knead the dough and make it smooth.

Now take the handle bag, place the ball dough on it and flatten it a little and put the red ball in it and roll it into it and fold it.

Now roll the rolled ball like paper.

Now keep this roll frozen for 2 hours to set.

Remove from the handle and cut a 1 inch rotation.

Take your coconut dessert roll ready.

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