Namak Pare Recipe

Namak Pare Recipe

Diwali is a festival full of joy. On Diwali, everyone definitely makes sweet and salty things in their homes. Namakparas are also included in the list of snacks in Diwali homes. But, till now people must have eaten only salt of oil and eating too much oil can harm your body. This is why many people do not enjoy salt mercury. In such a situation, we give you salt without oil and ghee, which gives you a better taste than the market. So let's learn the complete method of making with this. 

Ingredients for Namak Pare

2 cups semolina

Half teaspoon Kalonji


Salt as per taste


Method to make Namak Pare

To make this Namak Pare you Grind good first swollen in a grinder and ground into flour it make it grind. Then take it out in a vessel.

Then there are also mix well you put salt and Kalonji and celery. This enhances its taste. 

When you mix all the material it knead like this flour with water. Do not accidentally use oil and ghee in this dough. Keep in mind that semolina uses more water than maida.

You can also mix fenugreek while kneading the dough. It tastes good. After this, leave the dough covered for half an hour.

Take bell shape then it bread, then you cut the bottom of it into the desired shape. You fry it on low heat. It will take at least 10 min to cook. 

Take your Namak Pare is ready. You can also eat saltpeter with tea. 

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